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Project Dynamics:

As a Part of Academic Study a Research Project was undertaken that focused on new principles of Urban Design emerging out of the latent landscape practices in the 20th century.

The complex but contemporary set of influences that has converged in the recent landscape practices of Europe and United State has been studied as possible direction in general. The ambiguous distinction between architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture is understood a possible opportunities for a synthetic understanding of the city and its environment. Though the vague boundaries between the design disciplines has thrown into crisis the designed objects relationship to nature and the environment. The project is developed as a new urban design strategy through speculative proposal for a new urban park for the 21st century using the Oleta State Park (north of Miami, FL) as the hypothetical site.

Project Team

Niriti Porwal, Celina Scheidt, AnaMaria Perez-Dobarro, & Ahide Sanchez

Key Notes

As it continues to die a death of a thousand cuts, the last chunk of undeveloped ground in Miami is to be preserved through a theatrical sequence of carved out pockets. The sequencing of 16 ‘episodes’ is following the model of theme parks and golf courses as an internal bulwark against the ever-present pressures of the encroaching city. Each of the episodes presents itself as a self-contained world amplifying the strange conversations between the natural and the artificial in contemporary life. As the Appalachian Trail against all odds preserved a continuous band of undisturbed wilderness across the eastern coast, could a chain of artificial objects leave undisturbed the last bits of wilderness left in Miami?