Project /

AADHAV RESIDENCE, Reflecting Curves, Pune, Maharashtra

Project Dynamics:

Prime Location at Kalyani Nagar. A small Home garden in the backyard of the bungalow

Project Area:

5000 sq ft

Design Intent

A simplistic approach, reflecting the curvilinear language of architecture to the landscapes.

Key Notes

The key concept of this residential landscape is a response to the architectural language and the vision in of the client. The client asked for a space simple in nature, with lot of native species and cool shaded area for the summers.

The arcs of the building guide the curves of the design which assures interesting paving patterns, safeguarding of soil from spilling out in the hardscape. The pedestrian entrance to the house is marked by a shallow lily pond. Bold steppers connect the entrance to pathway, giving it a floating effect for one to walk on.

The front entrance to the house is marked by Tulsi Vrindavan an auspicious plant in the making of an Indian House. The front parking of the house continues sideways as curvilinear bands in the paving flanked by a water feature that becomes the focal attraction of the North opening. Materiality is explored through the use of alternative bands of rough and polished granite both in paving and cladding.

A larger gathering space in the back becomes the spillover of the office floor at Ground Level and Terrace at the first floor. A circular walkway around the lawn fosters the idea of an exercise pathway. Low in its maintenance as briefed by the client the plantation of native species is carried out and irrigated by drip method, one of efficient and low cost strategies for residential landscape.

Terrace Garden to be of major importance to client was looked in a way to be utilized for evening tea and barbeque and outdoor family socializing space. Large bands of paving embedded gives a dramatic effect to the ambience. Functional space like Barbeque counter is aligned to the staircase for ease of movement.