Project /

GOVERDHAN SAGAR, an active green water front, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Project Dynamics:

7 ACRE site area. Site surrounded by water from three sides. The foot of the site merges with the lake.

Project Area:

325,584 sq ft

Design Intent

Creating active spaces for a smooth urban overlay.

Key Notes

The site is situated amidst the conceptual boundaries of Wild and Urban. Geographically located abutting the Goverdhan Sagar Lake with an Urban Sprawl in the surrounding areas the design of the Park meshes the beauty of nature with an urban overlay. It connects the city with the lake by catering events of diverse scale. Lake sensitive design innovations include an urban wetland that cleanses storm water runoff from the park as well as static water of the lake. This encourages the increment of oxygen level in the water. The design is allowed to explore itself in the rich contours of the site which gives rice to new patterns, forms that supports the brief.

The entrance of the park becomes an unconventional point of continuity where one can experience large visual connectivity to individual spaces and extends itself into an interesting play of hard and soft scape flanked by sequential trees.

Recreational experience of the visitors has been designed taking into consideration all age groups. The landscape serves the sensitivity of the respective age group. A promenade along the periphery, children’s play area, Senior citizen spaces are designed with special care about the levels throughout the park. The promenade is the place where the visitors begin their walk along the Goverdhan Sagar Lake and which spirals up along different active civic spaces. Amphitheater for public open air events, conferences, quite zone overlooking the lake, fruit orchards etc. have been proposed as common event spaces.