Project /

THE GRAND ELEPHANT, Vertical Landscape, Trissur, Kerela

Project Dynamics:

Ground Level setback area, 4th floor spill over area, and roof top lounge.

Project Area:

6500 sq ft

Design Intent

The constraint of spaces at the horizontal plane made the design extend into the vertical plane.

Key Notes

The design of the interesting three star hotels came with an interesting background of its location as Kerala. The brief talks about creating spaces at Ground Level and terrace levels that stands by the grandeurness of the name and at the same time finds its opportunity in the context of location.

The design of the Ground level has been focused around the entrance as its main feature wall. Staggering wall has been designed that is cladded with an alternate pattern of rough and polish surface. The inner side of the wall displays an elephant motif water feature, from where the water sprinkles down into the water body with infinity edging and further merges with the pebbles at the ground level. Hotel signage plays an important role which has been intellectually incorporated in the paving pattern that directs the vehicular movement.

Most of the space being used for the vehicular movement at the horizontal Plane, green spaces is extended in the vertical plane. Dry wall is used to reduce the thickness of the walls and minimize the land coverage. One of the setbacks becomes the spill over area for the inside restaurant that spaces open informal seating spaces with thick plantation where one experiences serenity and peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The terrace on the fourth floor follows a bold line of thought with the combination of materials used and paving blocks embedded in stone grit. Narrow in its spatial planning the space becomes a casual spill over space for people looking out from the restaurant. Covered Seats over wooden deck and backed by sequential plantation serves a dramatic ambience. Gravel Bed with informal Plantations and sculptures accentuate the ambience by thematic lighting.

The top floor terrace lounge follows the curvilinear language in the form a raised wooden deck. The grandeurness is marked by the design of the water body around the existing pillar which is integrated in the design as a sheet waterfall. The raised wooden decks give a sense of segregation for the guests without hampering the visual connectivity. Boundary Plantation along the periphery proposed with exotic species that gives a sense of enclosure.