Project /


Project Area:

116,280 sq ft

Design Intent

An Ecology Based Amusement

Project Dynamics:

Situated near Pichola Lake in the South East of the city on Lake Palace Road, Gulab Bagh was started by Maharana Sajjan Singh in the 1878. It is also the fourth oldest zoo in the semi-continent. The garden consists of a Lotus Pond, and many prominent trees of medicinal value. The Garden draws it name as Gulab Bagh due to the presence of a ranch where variety roses which can be found in abundance. The garden was also called Bada Bagh but the name became uncommon with time. Maharana Sajjan Singh placed the foundation stone of the Victoria museum (now called Saraswati Bhawan Library)

Key Notes

The Amusement Park co – initiated by Udaipur Municipal Corporation and Design Cell is conceptualized as Ecology Based Amusement that looks closely the aspects of context, cultural association and environmentally sensitive development.

The project proposal recognizes three nodes that become the epicenter of development. The three being Gulag Bagh Library located in the west (one of the oldest library in the city), Kishanpole settlement in the east (Residential settlement in the close vicinity) and most importantly the Zoo (the existing fauna). The project also deeply understands the Park, as a part of a major Oxygen breathing Zone of the city and its contribution in the maintenance of micro – climate. The proposal has also identified species of trees which would be retained and intended to continue to it as an Eco Park.

Some of the Key Factors taken into consideration are:

  • Ecological integrity
  • Mini entertainment zone for all
  • Integration of the existing mini train
  • Integrating with the existing urban landscape setting
  • Revenue generation