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MALKE RESIDENCE, Pune, Maharashtra

Project Dynamics:

Prime location in Pune at Kalyani Nagar.

Project Area:

5000 sq ft

Design Intent

The design is a unique series of small, but interconnected spaces that allow movement around the house and outdoors to entertain.

Key Notes

This private residential garden is located in one of high end locality of the busy city of Pune in India, limited land and maximum utilization is commonly seen in many cities these days and was one of the considerable factors for this design. The Landscape design was evolved to create a serene outdoors that still gives a sense of privacy from the neighboring tall buildings, with a integration of hard and soft materials palette and water features that added to the beauty of the garden.

The design approach was contemporary with simple straight lines, though still incorporating minor details of grooves, textures, voids, junctions, colors and patterns. Most of the spatial hierarchy was planned as per the functional requirement of the family. One of the challenges was to provide enough hard space for parking the long cars and motorbikes owned by the clients and still have space in the garden that could accommodate room for a large number of people during an event or a party.

The garden space is kept open enough as it can be used for outdoor meetings, parties and discussions. It included an entrance water feature creating as subtle trickling noise while falling through the staggered sloping surface.

Some inspirations were taken from history of Indian architecture and culture, voids were created in the walls with lights as 'chini khana' and a basil plant feature as 'tulsi vrindawan' was added as floating element within the entrance water feature located in the southwest corner of the site.

Budget of the project being another major concerns as required by the client, we made a selection of native Indian stones line kota and kadappa with shot blasted and polished finish to keep up with the project cost. All the waste material like cut pieces of the paving stones were used as cladding surfaces for planters walls and broken smaller edge pieces would be used as a gravel top layer on soil beds of plants to avoid the soil spilling over the paved areas and also adding to the aesthetics.

The selection of plants and trees were chosen to give a tropical look that will enhance the contemporary design style. The selected trees would provide shade in the harmful sun and bloom flowers as the season change, attracting native birds and encouraging the residents to live with the nature.