Project /

PRIMARY SCHOOL, Reflecting Curves, Nanded, Maharashtra

Project Dynamics:

Gradual Slope

Project Area:

2, 32,560 sq ft

Design Intent

Learning through nature

Key Notes

The primary school is aspired as one of its kinds to be coming up in the developing city of Nanded, The Proposed outdoors have been focused around the spaces where students as well as faculties can combine the process of learning by being integrated with small nuances in nature.

A multifunctional circular outdoor space cum amphitheater is designed for the use of students of all age groups. Gradual Slopes around the gathering space is shaped by precise slopes of lawn, which assures seasonal plantation. Outdoor playground, sports facilities, outdoor games and play for kindergartens was identified and designed to encourage nature education among the children. The area will also serve as a great gathering place for the school. There are several possibilities for outdoor class rooms.

The inner courtyard is a quiet, and shielded. The seating inside the courtyard invites one to sit down and rest, but can also be used as an outdoor classroom. In addition there are smaller gathering places facilitate teaching in both large and small groups are present. The trees are planted in groups. Car and bicycle parking has a lot of vegetation, trees, shrubs and perennials.