What we do

With growing urbanization, a changing climate and a growing understanding of a carbon constrained economy, the sustainability of tomorrow’s communities depends greatly on how they are planned today. Professional urban, regional and environmental planners are playing an increasing role in ensuring we live in more sustainable and vibrant communities.

Master Planning and Landscape Planning

aims in the making of a sustainable and integrated environment where the built mass is embedded in the fabric of the city. The planning serves in making of outdoor spaces from micro to macro level keeping the site in context to its location.

Ecology based Urban Planning

With the growing Urbanization, making of Public space need to be essentially designed keeping in consideration the ecological balance in nature. The approach at efficient placement of land-use activities, infrastructure, and settlement growth across a larger area are taking into consideration the socio – economic factor, the cultural diversity, ecological diversity etc.

Environmental Landscape Documentation and Restoration

aims to map and restore the ecological resources (built and open) of a place and regain ecological integrity with human well-being. Management of natural resources with a particular focus on the way in which people and natural landscapes interact both in present and future scenario. (Stewardship)

Knowledge Share

Nirnik is founded on ideologies of research and experiment and believes in sharing and promoting activities related to the making of a sustainable environment. The vision gives a platform for associations with enthusiastic professionals and support students who aim to work on similar goals.

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