Project /


Project Dynamics:

Gradual Slope with front open space

Project Area:

1500 sq ft

Design Intent

The design of small 2000 sq ft brings an idea of breaking the monotony of boundaries and the spaces merge into each other.

Key Notes

A small front garden space in the front breaks the conventional boundaries of defining spaces and gives a new language to the outdoors. Programmatically with a simple brief of an outdoor garden and parking space the site has been designed with an idea of minimal intervention in terms of its requirement.

The curvilinear form the soft scapes set well in the more organized paving pattern of the driveway to give each space its own uniqueness. The paving pattern made light by the introduction of green bands at random position. A small pavilion serves as a space for outdoor evening tea that looks inside the garden space.

The garden space is kept open enough for small gatherings and accentuated by peripheral plantation and lighting. Small nuances of details have been given more importance to come up as a neat outdoor space. The curb at both the ends merges in a subtle manner with a thick plantation.